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Tenancy Application

Ray White Narangba and its professional and dedicated Property Management team are continually striving to provide the best possible experience for all our Tenants. We believe that open communication is the key to ensuring our Client-to-Tenant relationships are strong, and through this principal we strive to ensure all of our Tenants are happy with our services.

To apply to become a residential Tenant through Ray White Narangba, please download and fill out the below Tenancy Application. To ensure the application process runs as smoothly as possible, please read the entire application thoroughly and provide all of the required documents as listed in the form.


Please note:
The Form 18a General Tenancies Agreement has been included with this application form as per legislation requirements. The Form 18a is for your perusal only. Please do not complete this form.

Download Form 18a Tenancy Agreement (PDF)

We would advise you take the time to read the Form 18a and draw your attention to any special conditions listed on page 10. Once your application has been accepted our office will complete another Form 18a General Tenancies Agreement with your details.

When you have correctly filled out the application form and have all of the required tenancy documents available, we recommend to contact us if you wish to lodge it electronically, or drop into our office in person with your application so we can assist you in any further enquiries you may have.

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