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Selling Tips

Selling either the family home or an investment property represents a tremendous decision on your behalf. You need to know that the sale of your valuable asset is going to be treated as one of the most important transactions in your life.

The return you get should be the best possible result achievable, and the key to this is preparation. Ray White Narangba can help you every step of the way, and are always happy to offer advice when you need it most.

Our Selling Tips

Some of the things you will have to consider when selling your property include Presentation, Method of Sale and tips on Selling at Auction:


  • Buying property is an emotional as well as a rational decision. By presenting your property in the best possible light, you may appeal to a Buyer’s personal taste.
  • Landscaping or maintaining you garden has been proven to add value to your property.
  • Fresh paint, and new or newly-cleaned carpets can jazz up tired interiors.
  • Too much or too little furniture can make a difference to the eye. Cluttering up space will make it seem smaller, but leaving a vacant property empty can have the same visual effect.
  • Get around to doing all the small jobs you might have been putting off. Squeaky gates or jammed doors may seem of small importance, but can have a big impact on the appeal to a potential Buyer. Any investments you make of this kind can be expected to improve the marketability as well as the sale price of your house.

Method of sale

  • Which is the best way to sell your home? There is a wide range of choice – including auction, private treaty and by tender. Ray White Narangba ensure that the method best suited to achieving the optimum result for your property will be used.
  • Don’t be surprised if this is by auction, as this is often the most effective and efficient method of realising your goals in the surrounding market climate.
  • Auctions work by creating demand, and by placing a time limit on the availability of a product. This, in turn, heightens interest in the product, often leading to fierce competition between the Buyers for what is a sought-after and limited commodity.
  • Your auction advertising and marketing campaign needs to be focused in the right market, or else your property might not sell quickly or, even worse, sell for less than its potential.

Selling at auction

  • Auctions are highly focused marketing campaigns designed to expose your property to the maximum number of Buyers, maximise your sale price and minimise the number of days your property is on the market.
  • Your property is listed for sale on a specified date and this is preceded by a high impact marketing campaign and selected ‘open days’ all of which indicate your commitment to selling.
  • The contract of sale is on your terms and the conditions of the sale are predetermined to suit your situation. The nature of the marketing campaign means that the Agent will be able to give you regular feedback from Buyers in the market, which will assist you in setting the reserve price.
  • The impending auction date can create a sense of urgency and ‘call to action’ amongst Buyers. You are not obliged to accept an offer that does not reach your reserve price. You can, however, decide to negotiate with the highest bidder(s).
  • Auctions offer extra opportunities for the sale of your home because an offer can be made before, at, or after the auction. Once a sale is made, either by accepting an offer in writing before auction day, or at the fall of the hammer on the day itself, the Buyer must pay a 10% deposit then and there and at the same time execute the contract.
  • This method of sale puts a clear time frame on your campaign and creates a competitive atmosphere on auction day that is aimed at letting the market determine the highest price for your home.
  • Auctions attract serious Buyers as they know the Owners are serious about selling. By marketing without a price, Buyers can judge the property on its merits, rather than on how the price compares to other properties on the market.

Download Auction Conditions of Sale (PDF)

Ray White Narangba are always committed to ensuring your property ticks all the boxes when it comes to the sale of your pride and joy. Our team has many years experience in the correct marketing strategies and will ensure the entire process runs as smoothly as possible.